Mail Order Zombie Podcast NED Review (Listen here):
Thanks to Mail Order Zombie our awesomely talented zombie Treva Teigtmeier was a nominee for Best Zombie in their Dead Letter Awards!

Horror Cult Films (UK)
…Heart-wrenching.  It shows a deep love that may be a bit misguided but is genuine and believable.  The acting of Joseph Will… is quite impressive and his co-star Treva Tegtmeier transmits some pathos even while buried under zombie make-up.”

Dread Central:
“…Not Even Death takes a stab at emotional poignancy and tragedy that just about works, even if anyone with just a slight familiarity with the ruthlessness of the zombie genre will see the ending coming before they’ve even hit ‘Play’. It’s kept afloat by a sense of honesty and emotive cast, feeling almost like a short scene lifted straight from a faithful Day of the Dead spin-off.”

 28 Days Later Analysis:
“…Film was a delight to watch… worth your time; the make-up effects are especially well done.”

Starburst Magazine:
“Of the shorter films, the most successful are those which embrace their smallness. In other words, they don’t try to do everything, and instead hone in on some specific aspect of the zombie apocalypse. Not Even Death is a good example of this…”

Love Horror:
“…The film is quite well executed and you genuinely feel for the husband who only wants his wife to return to ‘normal’ so she can see her daughter again.”

FMV Magazine:
“Good performances with touching moments of love and compassion bring a new angle to the zombie genre.” 

Bring The Noise (UK):
“American heart-wrencher Not Even Death depicts a man’s undying love for his undead wife. Each film is wonderfully unique, making the five hours (of the Ultimate Zombie Feast compilation) very enjoyable and not at all monotonous.”